Herman Holushko
Director on Software

-  Moscow State Technical University N/A Bauman, Computer Systems of Management, 1990
-  Rivne Chemical Plant AZOT, Software Engineer, 1990-1992
-  Rivne City Administration, Senior Software Engineer, 1992-1994
-  Internship in University of Augburg, Germany, 1993
-  Private enterprise VOLYN TECOM/+, Senior Software Engineer, 1994-1995
-  VOLYN TECOM Ltd., Vice-Director, 1995-1996
-  Private enterprise firm SoftLand, Director on Software, 1997-present
-  Internship in Wausau Insurance Company, WI, USA, 1997
-  Internship in Martech Systems Inc., WI, USA, 1997
-  Membership in SCS (Society for Computer Simulation), 1998
-  Author of Delsi

Skills: Project management, programming, DB design, computer simulation


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2. German A. Golushko, Artem S. Perekresny. 1999. "Comparison 4 - Delsi. Simulation Approach", Simulation News Europe, Number 26 (July 1999)