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New version Delsi 1.1 is released.

Delsi (Delphi Simulation) is a discrete-event simulation tool intended for simulation of queuing systems with complicated logic. The tool is based on Piecewise Linear Aggregate Simulation Architecture (PLASA) and implemented as a set of components for the popular RAD environment Borland® DelphiTM 3.0 & 4.0. The internal simulation logic is optimized for high loading, i.e. for a great number of transactions in the model. The implementation of model’s logic is based on easy-to-use Delphi event handling. Delphi RAD environment allows users to combine Delsi with other components intended for GUI design, building reports, working with databases etc. Such combination creates a very flexible and productive framework for developing powerful simulation applications as retail products for Windows NT/95/98.

Download trial version of Delsi, which includes all manuals and 19 sample projects for step-by-step study.